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Custom Software Packages

Are you looking for a construction software you can use on several projects? Let NavCon customize a software suite that fits your needs. From a standard NavCon package to a completely customized software suite with your company logo on every report and screen, we can create what you are looking for. Check out our contact page and give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Navcon software was designed to empower clients to be flexible and efficient when dealing with the construction process; increase productivity with its portable solutions of custom designed systems and provide real time data to key team members. The following are key differentiators of NavCon Software Technology:

  1. No requirement for use of additional consulting Administrative resources support. Intent is for clients to utilize software with minimal required support from NavCon beyond system maintenance and tech support.
  2. Ability to run reports and generate colorized Architectural Status Maps from any internet accessible computer.
  3. The Client will be able to use existing hardware that is internet accessible.
  4. Lower cost to use and operate
  5. Basic changes can be performed by user, such as add/delete categories, rooms, etc.
  6. Process can be modified to fit the Clients’ Project Teams specific preferences
  7. Best Practices / Lessons Learned – Ongoing Process improvements are included in the fee, unlike competitors.






Lloyd True AIA, LEED AP

Email: LTJ@NavConSoftware.com

Anthony Sindoni

Email: AJS@NavconSoftware.com


Or call 1-800-NAVCON1