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NavCon was designed to:

    Empower Inspectors to be flexible and efficient when dealing with the contractor and increase productivity by being able to focus on getting the job done right instead of creating a paper trail that slows down the job. When something unexpected causes a short delay, the inspector has the option to hold the Inspection request without rejecting it. Partial approval status can be documented so key players can get an accurate picture of what work is completed so they can move forward and save valuable project time.

    Manage Documentation in all phases of the inspection process in a way that makes the goal of project completion and occupancy as easy as possible by simplifying access to the data that you need at that critical time. NavCon tracks TIO items as the inspection take place so the inspections that pertain to the listed items can be referenced easily when needed.  It also has the ability to link and store referenced documents that pertain to individual inspections that are readily accessible when the IOR needs them.

    Offer a Portable Solution that doesn’t require a high priced custom designed system to operate. Users have the flexibility of using the system of their choice to access the internet based database. This web-based software technology offers a flexible platform independent solution for tracking issues and inspections. That means that it doesn’t matter if you use Windows-based systems, an Apple Computer or a tablet. You can even use your cell phone to access the information you need from anywhere that has an internet connection. With NavCon, there is no end user hardware or software to buy to enjoy the latest information available about your project.    

    Provide Fast Access to Real-Time data to give the key team members the information they need to keep tight control and react quickly to avoid downtime. This makes it easy to keep projects on time and within budget--saving the contractor and the owner money! As any good Construction Manager will tell you, timely information is what keeps things moving!

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NavCon News

10/05/2018 Navcon was recently selected to support the transition for projects at the El Camino Hospital Campus.

09/30/2018 - Navcon Software is currently supporting the construction of the Sharp Chula Vista New Hospital Tower Project and the El Camino Hospital Campus